An item that almost got finessed by a fucking elephant at The Ave. Norman "Nick" always out here losing shit and could not find his keys for 8 hours, so everyone else thought the elephant made a move on the nigga's keys, after all, who wouldn't want a 2018 Ford Fusion?
Bruh the fucking mexican bitch stole that avetard's car keys.
by TurnM3Up November 25, 2019
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slang originaing from the oakville region in canada. synonymous with virginity
"oh my god did you hear? john doe took jane's car keys !"
by Oakvillian April 6, 2006
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black people can be defined as darkies,
however,use of such a term around said peopla can result in pain or even death, and so it should be established among white people, that darkies is cockny rhyming slang for darkies
man, this place is full of car keys
by Saint Jeffs November 16, 2008
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The term "car keying" has one fairly well known meaning:

1. The act of scraping the sharper point of a car key across the windshield or front door of a car, making a screeching sound and leaving a large scratch in the paint. Often preformed in anger or spite; a form of vandalism.

There is one other, not-so-well-known meaning:

2. The act of saying the phrase, "I need the car keys" and plunging ones hand into the front pocket of someone elses pants or hoodie to retrieve said car keys. This is usually down to a boyfriend (or husband) via the girlfriend (or wife). A big turn on, and surprising if they didn't expect it.
1. "Dude, that bitch just car keyed my new ride!"

2. "I need the car keys baby." (followed by the fishing around in someone elses pocket and then they are found.) "Thanks."
by Aillwen January 11, 2005
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Persons of a coloured decent can be referred to by the white man as "darkies"
However, use of said word around the aformentioned black man can result in a painful or even fatal demise..

Therefore, it should be established among the white man that Car Keys, is a Cockney Rhyming Slang term, for "Darkies".. making our community a safer place for all of us. :D
1) HOLY SHIT MAN... This place is full of Car Keys...

2) God damn Car Keys stole my Car Keys..
by Saint Jeffs August 20, 2009
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A ghetto device used to break into cars illegally.
You just need some Mexican Car Keys to own whatever car you want.
by The_Sentinal March 10, 2009
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A boy who makes mistakes all the time

Don't meet up with him he might ask you out then dump u over text jsyk
by Never Forget January 4, 2018
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