some people use this a spying device. they keep all of their spying materials in it such as creepy crawlers, string, virgin mary, the whole package, and of course they wear it around town while spying on square dancers. If you want to be in the club provide your own fanny pack.
Emily : "Kyle I love your fanny pack"
Kyle: "Thanks, wanna play statues in the front lawn"
Emily: "yea cool, maybe we can find a purpose for mary"
by emily cartier March 7, 2006
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a gay purse that is made for men so they don't look like queers carrying around a purse or pocket book
"did you see frank. he is wearing a fanny pack"

"yes he is such a queer"

"i know nobody wears a fanny back unless they are homosexual"

"yea its a sure way to tell"
by assengtwenty2 April 10, 2009
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A fanny pack is 1st 4 da british 'n' 4 da american 2.
Ya'll have 2 shit dunlops if ya're don't stop touchin' my fanny pack.
by chipskid May 16, 2010
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a fat (see pudgeoff)queer..who has no life and shouldnt be relased into public see fannypacks..but you rather be fucked up the ass with ur fist then be caught dead with one
by Tauny poo June 28, 2003
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Cut a hole in your fanny pack, then stroke your cock or pet the kitty
Devin: Did you see Raquel fanny-packing?
Robert: Ya, I think I saw some of her pubes.
by Molester-investigator December 14, 2019
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A bag worn around the waist by people who think it is still 1990.
Hey, your mom called and she wants wants her fanny pack back.
by pie is cool May 18, 2010
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A gross invention of the 1970's in which one would store essential items like:

hand lotion, credit cards, make up, tampons, sunglasses, band-aids, keys, moist towelettes, a watch, mini-binoculars, polaroid instant film, hard candy, a compact, and, maybe, a rattle for your baby.

The items would be stored in a pouch that attached to the hips by long interlocking straps, or, in the most horrid circumstance, Velcro.

Tiffany: "Girl, can you hold my condoms in that fanny pack until after the roller coaster?"
Sandy: "The strap on my fanny pack broke and all my heroin fell out in front of Pastor Thomas."
by Mejosh March 23, 2009
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