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A promiscuous man who sleeps with people of his choosing and who lives a sexually liberated lifestyle.

Possibly having sexual relationships with more than one person at one time.

Possibly partaking in sexual relations without emotional involvement with a person.
"Aaron? Oh ya he's a bit of a male slut. He's brought home a few different girls from the bars this month."

Amanda: "So if you think I'm a slut, what does that make you?"
Joe: "A male slut."
by Doyoulikemysweater? January 26, 2011
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Male bitch or person who engages in relationship with women before questioning their virginity, relationships, or anything. Can be used in negative sentence, as protection from falling in slutty or suspicious relationships with suspicious women.
I don't wanna be a male slut, by liking your profile, while other guys are already liking it. I wanna free girl.
by AsocialSurvival December 19, 2018
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