Most people think the word Faggot means a gay person, when that is not true. A faggot can also mean a person who is widely generally disliked, for one reason or another. The word has evolved into a more contextual word.

Anyways, here is what Faggotry means:

If the word Faggot is more contextual, so is the word Faggotry

Example: If a person is called a faggot because they are stuck up, or believe they are better than other people, the word faggotry may mean that they are in the act of verbally expressing how they are better than other people than they really are.
Kevin: Im better than you guys at like, everything...

Jonathan: *to Jimmy* Oh, watch out, their is some major faggotry going on over here

Jimmy: Yep. Affirmative. Level 9 faggotry going on over here.
by Neutralsnake1065 December 31, 2018
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Faggotry; A group of males who associate with doing unseen, unprecedented gay actions.
Hey man I’m wondering why I just walked into the office and seen our manager doing some faggotry shit with our male colleagues.
by StainedAssWipe January 30, 2020
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the practice of being a fag, is pronounced “faggot-tree.”
you’re so gay, I swear one of the classes you take is faggotry
by Rainbow Tundra March 10, 2018
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A negative term applied to something homosexual in nature. It typically applies to homosexual stereotypes, such as men who take shirtless selfies in the mirror.
No, I will not let you anally fist me. I don't participate in such faggotry.
by Will U. Suckminuts April 02, 2016
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Derived from "faggot" but more specific to someones behavior. The behavior being weak, lazy, stupid, sadistic or literally in error.
Your failure is due to your faggotry.
by breakboy72 July 26, 2018
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