One who post names or proper nouns on
People who post 'George Bush', 'Hitler', 'Saddam', 'K-Mart', 'McDonald's', etc. display faggotry.
by L33t Pr0digy January 16, 2004
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Relating to anything homophobic, full of homophobia etc.
Dude did you see those phobes with the anti gay signs?

YEAH I was like WTF assholes get out of here with your faggotry!

I know and they wrote "God Hatez Fags" wow they even hate themselves!
by Chips & Salsa November 9, 2009
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The act or state of being a faggot.
Yet another Justin Bieber video where he prances around like a fairy. Man, this faggotry needs to end!
by Kylox March 23, 2017
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A description of one's level of gayness.
"dude, your faggotry is off the scales!"
by alwhin jr. October 24, 2005
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the act or behavior of a faggot. action with gay intention. fairy-like behavior that can be construed as homosexual.
statement: "I demand that you stop this faggotry at once!"
reaction: "yo, what the fuck is up with the faggotry all of a sudden."
question: "so do you intend to resort ot faggotry to get a promotion?"
by megachaos March 17, 2007
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Relating to actions associated with being a gay bitch, without the actual homosexuality part. a particularly common trait among the overzealous and/or melodramatic
Don't commit acts of faggotry.
by random_guy October 23, 2004
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The act of making plans with friends then selling out for no apparent reason. They will deliberately avoid phone calls and texts to avoid confrontation. Typical offenders are douchey, preppy, entitled white boys. Practicers of faggotry can be easily spotted by their khaki shorts, polo shirts, deck shoes and of course by the reflection from the Yeti cup permanently attached to their hand. When not in the act of faggotry these offenders can normally be found practicing golf swings with umbrellas.
Person 1 : Wanna grab a few drinks tonight?
Person 2: I wasn't planning on going out tonight because I have a busy day tomorrow but sure I'll meet you out.

Later that night

Person 2: I can't believe this mother fucker pulled this faggotry shit again. I was dead set on staying home tonight until he started running his mouth about going out. Then his bitch-ass wouldn't even answer his phone or respond to my texts, and I bet he's gonna make up some bullshit lie excuse about what happened. TTF (Typical Fucking Faggotry)
by Colombian Lu January 8, 2017
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