An adjective meaning something is so stupid or gay that it pisses you off
That spy kids movie was faggotry
by ragbag July 18, 2004
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derivative of; Faggot
Root Word: Fag
Acting like a fag
Jeremy is being accused of faggotry.
by blingbling1994 June 22, 2010
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The definition of Faggotry is a emo faggot from canada named Nigel.
Nigel puts the faggot in faggotry
by PaulRyan April 6, 2012
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The art of being a homosexual male.
Alright, we all know that David is gay...

...but he keeps saying he doesn't like pink...

...not to mention the fact that he keeps kissing girls.

I think he just needs a lesson in faggotry.
by Rhapsody in Chai ~ Greg April 12, 2006
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Acts that are homosexual in nature!
Dude, stick your dick in my ass, I love that sort of faggotry!
by Andrew Nash April 8, 2003
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What form of faggotry is this, emo boy?
by milkshakes January 30, 2008
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Bob sees two men kissing and says, "Yo dog, that is faggotry."
by kalashbolov April 7, 2009
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