The act of multiple faggots doing retarted things.
Those kids are drinking glue ... Such faggotry!
by SAV05 December 01, 2017
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the act or behavior of a faggot. action with gay intention. fairy-like behavior that can be construed as homosexual.
statement: "I demand that you stop this faggotry at once!"
reaction: "yo, what the fuck is up with the faggotry all of a sudden."
question: "so do you intend to resort ot faggotry to get a promotion?"
by megachaos March 16, 2007
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1 (noun) Instead of saying "gayness" or "gay shit" you say Faggotry
2 (verb) comiting an act of Faggotry would be something such as a man flirting with another man
Also see miss me with that gay shit
Jacob stop flirting with me! I don't want any of your Faggotry
by PoopieMcPooperTon February 04, 2020
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Relating to actions associated with being a gay bitch, without the actual homosexuality part. a particularly common trait among the overzealous and/or melodramatic
Don't commit acts of faggotry.
by random_guy October 23, 2004
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Common slang used in the "interwebz". Used almost exclusively among the nerd's on the "interwebz" to describe an action or comment among their peers. Most common among mic chatting.
Nerd 1: *Abuses unlimited ammo*

Nerd 2: "Stop your faggotry"

Nerd 1: *Sings Tenacious D - Wonder Boy*

Nerd 2 : "Stop your faggotry"
by BeanEqualsEcstasy September 20, 2010
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The art of labeling one a faggot; the practice of humiliating an individual through the use of an audience; to faggot someone.
Joe's comment on Bebo's unearthly fetish for obese black women was absolute faggotry!
by Joe October 26, 2004
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Faggotry is the practice of any action which could lead to being labeled a fag.
At the supermarket I decided to do some faggotry and flashed the the butcher and two cooks.
by Kakisho January 13, 2012
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