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Magical energy, used in witchcraft and the Mana series created by Squaresoft.
I think I will play Secret of Mana today.
by Ben L. January 15, 2004
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A version of the word Jesus created by Homer Simpson when he became a missionary. Used for comical purposes instead of using Jesus. Also used in games to avoid Nazi-language filters. (eg Coke Music)
Sweet zombie Jebus that was cool!
by Ben L. June 12, 2004
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Japanese for "You idiot." The direct translation being "idiot you." It's different than just "baka" because the "ne" makes it a word directed at somebody.
Person one: i bUYz dA cRaPz cOz i h4vE a kreditz carzd!
Person two: Bakane!
by Ben L. February 6, 2005
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(n) When something is so gay it surpasses just saying "Dude, thats gay." would be changed to "Dude, thats some faggotry right there!"
"Dude, look at the shirt that polesmoker is wearing. Thats some fuckin faggotry there!"
by Ben L. June 15, 2004
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When playing an RPG, "working on" it means that a player is currently playing it with the intent of beating the game, unlocking everything, etc. Basically a fancy way of saying "playing."
I was working on FFX-2 during the beginning of this year, then Golden Sun, then Tales of Symphonia, and now Star Ocean Till the End of Time.
by Ben L. October 10, 2004
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A woman or girl who "prefers the company" of other women and/or girls.
Me: Dude! That bitch Sam is a lesbian!
Friend: How do you know? Maybe she's curious...
Me: No, she always humps other girl dogs.

Ba dum pssh.

(True story about my dog...)
by Ben L. July 4, 2005
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