When someone try’s to show you emotions and has you feeling all sensitive like a babyback bitch and has you feeling kinda bitchish
Her:babe when are you going to open up to me and show me how you really feel?

Me:that’s gay,why would I express how tf I feel,go see Jerome down the block for all that emotional shit cause homie don’t play that
by Pychodelic george June 15, 2019
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Son: “what does gay mean”
Dad: “happiness
Son: “are you gay”
Dad: “no, I have a wife
by V1NSAN1TY 123 October 15, 2019
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"oh my god dad, thank you for making me the gayest boy in the world!"
"after meeting you i'm the gayest man in the world Candice"
"can i get a gay meal please?"
by ihavenoideainmyhead May 19, 2022
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Gay. The word Gay Its meaning is Happy

Damn Idiots
Friend 1: Hey you seem pretty gay today
Friend 2: Yep I just got the PS5 so im really Gay
Friend 3: Wait your gay you like guys?
Friend 4: No bro the word gays Orginal Meaning is Happy
by Straght but Kurapika ge me wet January 17, 2021
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Gay means happy or joyfull
by antsondruga November 1, 2017
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