9 definitions by Ɋㄩ乇乇尺 丂卩卂匚乇 匚ㄖ爪爪ㄩ几丨丂ㄒ☭☭☭

Claudia: Hey! E-tard! over hear!
Edward: Whaddya want? rape?
Claudia: You are still a piece of Faggetie !
Edward: Here comes my Grandfather cock !!!
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When you search up 'Grandfather clock' but accidentally forget the 'L' and boom you get here.
iy mate, i wazza gonna bye me Pap a grandfather clock but accidentally searched 'Grandfather cock'! help me pls bro
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1) The worlds worst bloody browser
2) Normie porn
E-tard: I use Chromium for my porn!
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A group of fags in an enclosed area. (basically a Justin Bieber concert)
bruh1: dude, did ya see that Faggetie last night?
bruh2: yeah, that was when Jim searched up Grandfather cock to show his girlfriend what his wiener actually looks like.
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A very drunk Woody that is ready to Gas the children all night long. ;)
Guy1: dude, you were a complete Doody last night!
Guy2: did i Gas the children ?
Guy1: yeah, thanks a lot dude!
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A nicer way of saying fucking cunt. Mostly used instead of mad lad or other terms. Highly recommended if you want to make friends.
Shane Dawson: ay nigga, whats your cat up to?
Person #1: nothing much...
Shane Dawson: can i rape it?
Person #1: what a cunny funt
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