When you search up 'Grandfather clock' but accidentally forget the 'L' and boom you get here.
iy mate, i wazza gonna bye me Pap a grandfather clock but accidentally searched 'Grandfather cock'! help me pls bro
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Stand naked in the corner of a room with arms extended like the hands of a clock while rocking hips side to side to slap one's balls against his thigh rhythmically with every second
Uncle Lester got drunk again on Thanksgiving and did the grandfather cock in the corner of the living room for hours until my mom finally called the police
by jizzlemcgrizzle August 12, 2011
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When you're trying to shop for some antique grandfather clocks for your paps but then you unfortunately forget the "l" in "grandfather clock" and now you wish you were dead.
Poor Fool: *mistakenly types 'grandfather cock', clicks on 'images'*
*questionable things appear*
by Vladdy45 April 27, 2019
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I was hitting on this fine looking nurse at the old folks home when my grandma told her about me being unemployed.

me: "nice Grandfather cock block g-ma!"

G-ma: "shut up and drink your ovaltine"
by silvershamus February 2, 2011
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sex move used by a male to pleasure two females at the same time. have the two females face away from you, one in the front and one in the back. place a strap on dildo backwards so that it is facing the girl behind you and also erect the penis towards the front girl. then rock from back to forward once every second.
when one finds themselves in the middle of a threesome and out of ideas, it would be wise to wip out The Ole Grandfather Cock.
by DJCondor July 8, 2012
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