A group of fags in an enclosed area. (basically a Justin Bieber concert)
bruh1: dude, did ya see that Faggetie last night?
bruh2: yeah, that was when Jim searched up Grandfather cock to show his girlfriend what his wiener actually looks like.
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an adjective that describes someone who is a faggot
That new kid John is pretty faggety.


You faggety fu**!
by Smart December 4, 2004
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An 80's word not to be confused with "faggoty" (which is a derogatory term for exhibiting homosexual tendencies)-"faggety" refers to power-pop bands in metal/rock guise such as Bon Jovi, Poison, and Cinderella. Even non-faggety bands might put out a faggety album (such as KISS with "Crazy Nights").
Black Sabbath - non faggety
Iron Maiden - non faggety
Twisted Sister - non faggety
Deep Purple - non faggety
Meat Loaf - non faggety

Queensryche - kinda faggety
Bon Jovi - pretty faggety
Winger - very faggety
Warrant - EXTREMELY faggety
Metallica - not faggety, but douchebags
by wildirishrosie July 26, 2010
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Faggety comes from the word faggot which defines a male homosexual. This word is often used as an adjective towards someone who’s a faggot
Example 1:

"Hey Dave"
"Yeah bro"
"Who’s that guy over there"
"It’s Josh, he’s pretty faggety from what I’ve heard"

Example 2:
Shut the f**k up u faggety b*tch.

Example 3:
Aye, there are rumours about you being gay, is that true faggety boy?
by YSL Savage July 20, 2019
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A play on the name Raggedy Ann, the retro doll that your grandmothers gay uncle played with when he was four. Faggety Andy is most often described as a metro or entirely homosexual man who is displaying his semi-manlihood, semi-flamer actions in a way where his friends will make fun of him by calling him it.
Friend One: I like pie.
Metro friend: Pie is SO good it makes me squeel when it touches my tounge. Its almost like that one time when I got sprayed by the water hose and I squeeled like a little piggy!
Friend Two:...your such a Faggety Andy.... O.o
by LOVELESS_FF7 April 26, 2010
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I love spaghetti, I’d go gay for spaghetti, spaghetti faggeti .”
by Faggeti November 11, 2017
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1.A insult often used for white boys that steal parking spots.
2.Used for young white males.
When tyler took the nigga's parking spot he yelled out the window at tyler "dude your a faggety ass bitch". Tyler responded that pisses me off "i'm going to skull fuck that faggety ass bitch."
by BUSCH Pavilion September 18, 2006
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