Stands for "forever a fuckface". Also known as a person who is such a fuckface, there is no way anything could fix that.
Two years ago, he cheated on me. Today, he cheated on another girl. He is such a FAFF
by saltypretzzel January 13, 2018
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The slithery and noxious mixture of poseur intellectual effluvia and anal mucosa secretions that flows from the eunuch holes and/or brain cloacas of deluded, over-the-hill malcontents. Of no known scientific, commercial, or spiritual value.
Rideforever keeps leaving faff stains behind whenever he sits on the upholstery!
by Numpumpum March 25, 2020
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Flat as Fuck Freidly
Bro, that girl is FAFF. No way I’ll take her to hoco.
by Sully3215 September 24, 2019
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A word used to call attention to a specific event; Used when angry or frustrated; May also be used to cause fear or anxiety
\"Excuse me, Faff?\"
\"You kids... you just make me... FAFF!\"
If you dont stop raping that old man, i\'ll Faff until tomorrow!\"
by Chuck Biscuits November 9, 2006
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When someone starts to hit on someone else. They also call it giggity faffing.
"Hey, dude I'm gonna start talking to that chick over there; she seems fine."
"Ooooh some diggity faff!"
"Yep, I'm doing some diggity faffing!"

*guy is talking to girl they like, and someone else walks past and shouts "diggity faff" at them - for trying to get it on with the girl."
by Lucei frog December 18, 2011
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