slang contraction of "cup of", believed to be Irish in origin.

Meaning to have a cup of whatever the person offering is drinking, not necessarily tea, or coffee.
"Come 'ere an' 'ave yerself a cuppa, mate!"
by gunslave November 29, 2003
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To fart in your hand when it is in a cuped shape then holding it under someones nose.
Lee- oi Si do u wanna cuppa?
Si- na man u fuckin stink.

P- m8 Lee cupped me the other day and i was sick.
by p March 6, 2005
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Farting in to your hand while it is cupped so the smell dont get out then holding it over someones nose.
Lee. Oi si do u wanna cuppa?
Si. Na fuck off man it fuckin stinks.

P. m8 lee cupped me earlier and i was fuckin sick.
by p March 6, 2005
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Cuppa Cup•uh

A word, famously used by Beetlejuice (Beetlepimp), to describe something he’s got or done a few times. Can be translated to “a few” or “a couple of”.
“How many drop kicks did it take to beat him, Beet?”
“Cuppa drop kicks.”
by LilBrownBoiii May 6, 2019
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British slang for A-CUP-OF tea
Man 1: Oi, Fancy a cuppa?

Man 2: Cream no sugar, ta
by rea73r March 4, 2014
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