adjective In need of rest and/or sleep. Alternately, excessive use of any drug (for example, k-hole,blackout.)
"That show was sweet, but I got so faded I had to bail."
by drinkyclown July 15, 2008
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The slang term "faded" doesn't necessarily refer to a mental state induced by psychoactive drugs, such as the common one used among college students, cannabis. It can also refer to a mental state that one is in naturally, brought about by the company one keeps.
For example, one can use the term faded interchangeably with the idiom 'on cloud nine,' as in the sentence, "Oh man, being with these people after such a long time makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine" or "Bro, I was so faded just by chillin with those cool cats after so long"
by adegan January 02, 2010
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Acronym for 'Focused All Day Every Day'

Are you FADED?
by Faded.familia July 29, 2016
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to be shot and killed, as per snoop dogg's doggystyle album
Snoop:"...and a nigga can't fade me"

"Y'all know i can't be faded"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
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= Fresh All Day Every Day
used to describe yourself, someone else, or something.

Talking about someone who cuts hair- "He'll leave you F.A.D.E.D"
by BabyV27 February 26, 2012
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when one is somewhat gone. can be a result of drinking, pot, or even hookah (this is more of a SoCal term)
dude, last night we hit up the hookah pretty good. i smoked most of the bowl and i was pretty faded
by stanleyinla October 28, 2007
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