South Central Los Angeles, California. Made famous by west coast gangsta rap of the early 90's for it's high crime rates and drug use. Artists like N.W.A., and especially one of it's former members, Ice Cube, often gave it a shout-out.
Also, was the target of C.R.A.S.H., the codename for a large amount of sweeps and busts by the LAPD aiming to clean up South Central.
"How to survive in South Central?/a place where bustin' a cap is fundamental/no, you can't find this shit in a handbook"
- Ice Cube, "How to Survive in South Central"
by Pasticmouth June 10, 2005
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My hometown. My area is the beautiful West Park. I love it and miss but as they say "Ya gotz ta move out of South Central to make it betta". It's Murder...
Typical Diss of some Jealous Rich Girl: "OMG, she has those cornrows, tight jeans, and dancing in the street, and is better looking than me... she must be one of those South Central girls."
by Exposition Park Chick March 28, 2010
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In between central and south end of Yarmouth nova Scotia.Where lots of shady happenings used to go down and where the cops roll thru every 5 minutes
Best protect you neck in the South Central homie suckas get shot in this bitch
by Big Daddy Johnson September 1, 2005
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slang for genitals and/or balls
girl: im gonna kick you in your south central

guy: what?

by Miguel July 19, 2004
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An economically depressed section of Los Angeles, home to two kinds of people: (1) current USC students (2) UCLA graduates.
I decided to go to UCLA over USC because I thought to myself, who would ever want to go to school in the slums of LA? Unfortunately, being a graduate of UCLA and unemployed, I had no choice but to move to South Central once I graduated. Penny wise, pound foolish as the saying goes.
by ucla sucks February 19, 2006
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"When something happens in South Central, nothing happens, its just another nigga dead" - Some Rapper
by Diego August 21, 2003
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Traditionally, the largest concentration of blacks in Los Angeles, California and the city‘s most economically-depressed area. It has transitioned into a center for Latinos today and are now the area’s largest minority. South Central has been notorious in the media as a haven for violent crime, gangs, drugs and riots (the most recent in 1992 was the worst). Watts is its most well-known neighborhood. South Central Los Angeles is now referred to as “South Los Angeles” and is a loose term that includes all of south Los Angeles, south of The Santa Monica Freeway and downtown and includes independent cities within the region: Compton, Inglewood, Downey and Bellflower. It was depicted in the movie “Boyz n the Hood.
South Central is about the worst place for anybody in any city to live. Ghetto and gangsta at its finest.
by September 3, 2007
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