3 definitions by Josh Wingenbach

The term "fade" is from South Central, L.A.

Gang members originally meant murder when they talked about fading someone. If you fade a gang member you are decreasing the number of members in his gang and effectively "fading" his color.

Today the term fade is more flexible by simply meaning "disgrace".
Brotha's got mad caps rainin' down, but those fools can't fade me.
by Josh Wingenbach November 16, 2004
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to "debt" a person is to kill them.
...and if I debt you, it's only 'cause I love you.
by Josh Wingenbach November 16, 2004
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The term "pig" comes from the novel by George Orwell, called Animal Farm.

In this book the animals feel as though the farmer uses and abuses the them, so the pigs decide they should revolt. In the end the pigs play all the other animals and take over.

Originally, this story was about communism.

This explains the reason cops are pigs. Cops are supposed to protect and help the people, but in the end they are just two faced and are quick to throw a brother in the pen.
All cops are pigs.
Those commie bastard are such pigs.
by Josh Wingenbach November 15, 2004
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