When you are losing all connection with society. You are drifting away. All your emotions are leaving and you're being left with emptiness. You lose yourseld. All your motivation and smiles are nom-existing. Every part of you is gone.
After everything I've ever through, I'm finally fading away.
by LolaCatalanaPerfect May 20, 2019
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Fading v.

When you are losing energy, or are getting worn out like an old tshirt. Taken more literally, it can mean losing color or fainting.
With an offense like that, no wonder our players are fading fast.
by Kermitt June 9, 2019
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When you have worked all day then did a bunch of home(work), ended up in a fight with your boyfriend and had to deal with family shit and then decided to drink and smoke one at the end of the day, and are sitting in a movie theatre unable to get up from your seat due to either being too lazy or tired or both and someone asks if you want to do something else afterwards. You would reply back with “no thanks man, I’m fading

An alternative way of saying you are tapped out.

Typically accompanied with feeling like you are happily swaying in and out of consciousness.
Yeah I was fading hard last night. Glad I made it home safe!
by stars-r-us October 25, 2019
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To be a Negative Nancy and all around sugar cane picker.
I wanted some Kona coffee - but the Fading waiter said he didn't think the cooks would be able to brew it before the end of the night.
by pyrella November 8, 2006
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by BlaydenStan July 10, 2020
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When in the presence of another human being under the influence of cannabis, many things about their appearance, speech and characteristics may change. Their eyes may be droopy and red. Their spoken word will be repeatedly interrupted with fits of laughter or, and in some cases 'and', they will regularly remind you how hungry they are despite the vast quantities of Sour Patch Kids and Doritos they have consumed.

But when said human being reaches their highest point, the 'peak' of their high, often described as a '10', there lies one key indicator. One beacon that will truly enlighten onlookers as to how intoxicated they are...

The next time you are blessed with the pleasant presence of a altogether 'zooted' stoner, indulge in this undemanding task: simply ask said stoner, "out of 10, how high are you?"

There is one obvious response that one would obviously predict, "10". But this is incorrect. The answer that someone whole heartedly high as fuck would give is...


There are two main reasons this is the only answer that can be given; when a person is so blazed that they fail the simple task of choosing a number out of 10 to match their current state of mind, that is when it is clear said person is on legitimately on a 10.
A second main reason is that "faded" is a word that can easily roll off of the tongue of a wide mouthed, slumped-in-sofa stoner.
One's self "Hello good chap, could i have a nanoscopic moment of your time to ask you a simple question?"

Stoner *nods head* (due to his brain melting out of his ears, this particular stoner found it a little too hard to speak)

One's self "out of 10, how high are you?"

Stoner *stares blankly into space while attempting to formulate an effective word that would describe the complete combustion of his brain cells in a effective manner while simultaneously being easy to say*

Stoner "faded"
by FUKANARK April 28, 2015
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to provide some money in an effort to pool together funds towards shared gas, food, events with friends and/or family.
Let's fade in for pizza tonight!
by igorotak1279 January 21, 2010
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