noun- a blunt smoked entirely by one person to the face until the buddha is all gone or mental retardation begins to occur
I smoked a dank forty-dollar facer at the Cudi concert last night and felt like I was on the Pursuit of Happiness.
by Steaz December 15, 2010
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when one person smokes a blunt(weed) to him/herself.
yo son i aint smoked all day I'm bout to take a facer.
by pyro1421 July 24, 2008
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someone who fucks up a lot when they type
Stefan: "hey kyla <#3"
Stefan: "* <3/"
Stefan: "* <3"
Kyla: "WOW you are such a facer :P"
by InsanityWolf March 30, 2011
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Usually some annoying girl that goes out of her way to bother the hell out of you.
Man, Phuong is such a facer!
by awedkjdf August 24, 2006
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The art of monotonous ranting on your wall post. To the point that normal people's eyes glaze over while reading it. The content is so mind - numbing that everyone wonders if the writer is from earth.
An example of a facerant is ...

"Progress is hindered by subpar computer. Believe it is an appropriate time to strengthen the "tech" economy, and purchase something up to date. The faded letters of my keyboard bear the illustrious act of loyalty to this younger commitment. Five years is substantial right? So fatigued. I feel cheap."
by Ladi Di July 09, 2009
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The person that sat directly opposite you on a bus or train, that is trying as much as you to not make eye contact, its a difficult, tedious and emabarrasing situation
"couldnt take that call kido, had a facer on the way in, and the rest of the bus was empty!"
by theshadyyouallknow July 31, 2009
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