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the act of completely losing all touch with the real world by subjecting yourself to mindless,wasteful activity (often over the course of several hours) that often results in loss of brain cells and temporary conciousness. activities that qualify as numbing are: text messaging,being on myspacefor over six hours straight, guitar hero, video games, computer solitaire, and/ or any electronic device that a digital immigrant cannot operate.
Numbing causes you to lose all touch with reality. For example, if one where to call your name while "numbing" you wouldn't respond period. However, after the numb session, all consciousness would be regained and you were address the person that called your name.
student 1: man, i am so tired. i am gonna fail this test! i didn't study at all!

student 2: me neither, i wanted to study but instead i was numbing for five hours on myspace. and the funny thing is, is i wasn't even doing anything on it! i finally stopped because my eyes were watering so bad and i black out for a second. it was four in the morning!
by Molly!!!! June 15, 2007
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I am a melomaniac.
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When you are so drunk that you cannot feel anything; you cannot feel your face or tongue, and if someone slaps you, then you are completely invisible to it
Jordan: "I have had so much to drink that I'm numbing. Slap me"

Charlie *slaps Jordan* *realizes that Jordan doesn't feel anything after the first few slaps "Damn you are numbing"
by Charlie Evans January 26, 2008
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