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Kyla is a wonderful girl who's been through a lot and still has a smile on her face every time I see her. She's friends with everyone but likes to be alone most of the time. She's a fighter but only for what she believes is right. She's crazy loyal to the people she loves and would do anything for them even if they're not close anymore. She's one of those people who just perseveres no matter what. She's an inspiration and I'm happy she's in my life.
Girl 1: who's that girl over there? the one laughing with her friends?
Girl 2: that's kyla, she's always smiling
by nicegirlxxxxxx April 11, 2014
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A girl that have a dreams in life .She thinks she's not good enought but we all know she's perfect.She is fighting girl and she surrendered to life's challenges especially if she has a like on someone but when she did so she was really giving up.She love. her friends and sometimes she is shy and she wants to be Alone but once you get to know her she's an amazing person
Kyla is Kind



by Kyla January 03, 2015
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Kyla's are beautiful, intelligent, and sweet women. If you meet one, never let her go or you will regret it very much. She is very humble and forgiving, but she knows when something's wrong. Kyla's might have a little trouble finding the right people to hang out with, but once she finds the right friends/ guy, she will know. Never underestimate kyla, beacause she will always have wonderful surprises up her sleeve. Kyla is quirky, weird, and fun with her friends, but can come off as chill.
P1: I met the most amazing girl today, and I'll never let her go
P2: must have been Kyla
by Kcauseswagg January 14, 2015
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a beautiful girl with a story, she thinks she's not good enough but we all know she's perfect. she's been through enough to know how strong she is. although the thing she's wishing for is clear already, she isn't giving up, no way, anytime soon. She's determined, and she's totally in for it. Once you get to know her, she's an amazing person. You can trust her as soon as that. She's social and shy all at the same time, but she won't let one guy twist up her life, because she's here to live it.
I met up with Kyla at the park.
by wonder. April 10, 2013
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She is great and can accomplish anything. She has been through hell and back but is still going. She has her “moments” throughout the day and people think she is crazy but that’s just her personality. She always has rumors going on about her but they are never true. All around if you meet a Kyla it’ll be the best time of your life.
If you meet a Kyla get your seat belt on it’s going to be a crazy ride.
by Dependable November 11, 2017
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A ridiculously attractive young woman, however, Kylas tend to be extremely humble. Usually very nice, but Kylas don't take bull shit. Comes off very innocent, but in reality, love to party and have a good time.
Let's go party with Kyla because she's hot.
by yo man k April 13, 2009
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Kyla don't give a fuck about these hoes, but she is very loveable 🙄🙃, she have love for everybody. She I very humble, and she fall in love quick. But can fall out of love real quick 😂💔. Everybody likes her, she is a loyal girlfriend and treat you very right.
Girl #1~ I don't like Kyla
Girl #2 I do she is pretty

Boy #1 I miss kyla

Boy #2 I'm glad I have her ☺️☺️
by Ky-Ky baby January 09, 2017
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