Michael: "I'm going to miss you all."
Ed: "Yeah, you are my cudis."
by TheBazingas July 13, 2019
Bostonian/Bigger Massachusetts cities slang word for someone with an apparent drug problem
Friend 1: I’m gonna scrape the res out of my bowl because I ran out of Mary Jane

Friend 2: You can’t be doing that bro, that’s cudi shit
by your father 6969 April 2, 2020
Cudi is a new style of music, smooth talking a track with straight flow
The way KiD CuDi sings is known as CuDi
by Robby_Bobby September 20, 2009
describing anything dope, real, fresh, or all around cudi worthy....
damn benny, did you hear that new .dlh track, thats some real cudi shit!

those hoes ate the last burrito, NOT cudi....
a cudi is another way of saying cutie. It is a non derogatory term. Can be used to describe a cute person.
person 1: "ugh she is so cute!!"
person 2: "i know right. What a cudi"
by Anythingforyoubeyonce December 20, 2018
Originates from the hip-hop superstar kid cudi. Means to be joking or kidding.
John: You're fat
Maria: How could you say that?
John: Im just cudiing
by kingkong2012 January 14, 2010