When you use facebook while on the crapper.
Boss: Hey, I just noticed you updated your facebook status, weren't you in the bathroom?

You: Yea, I was face-pooping.
by Mikey The Comic January 20, 2009
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george sorial; booty
AHHHH look out there's a poop faced poop headed poop and he's running around in a circle while snorting cocaine and watching alien anime.
by George's mom March 23, 2004
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1: As usual, poop face drank the last cup of coffee wihout making a new pot.

2: Poopface thinks his poop don't stink.
by Mr. Bear Man in Athabasca November 09, 2009
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When you sit around all the time with a shitty look on your face! Like your ALWAYS mad about somthin.
Look at Keenan over there looking all POOP FACE!
by Bryan Dannenberger February 10, 2008
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A great word to describe one of your friends in a series of serious comebacks
by bouncethat January 10, 2012
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Darker, brownish/yellow/orange circles on the face particullary around the eyes and/or mouth.
That girl got some serious poop face... that sucks.
by poopfaceanonamyous June 15, 2010
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