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suggesting face down, ass up…like the old 2 live crew song
can be used as a nickname with co workers
by the ch grandmaster October 25, 2007
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Purchasing an expensive product using cash, literally putting Benjamin's face, down.
"man I bought that bentley face down, ALL CASH"
by Degreez February 21, 2018
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A "Facedown" is a total bitch, who picks on people for fun. They also like to act clueless and act slutty most of the time.
John: This bitch was a total"facedown".
Gary: I know right such a asshole.
by Facedown August 11, 2018
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Another way of saying a Blowjob where the over party's head is face down.
"She gave it to me face down."
by Robert Bumaro March 24, 2019
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