memebase's way to annoy the hell out of people by putting it meaninglessly at the end of every post so then you have to look it up to find out what it is
Hey sistah
by tehmuffenman October 15, 2011
A girl or a woman coming from the same parents, roots or spiritual state of mind. A female whom you can count on throughout all time. In her truest sense she is one who will never turn her back on you. She knows you are not perfect and together you do what you need to do to improve. A real sistah is family. A connection with her is based on mutual love, respect and consideration. A sistah has your back and you have hers.

A kinswoman.

A fellow member of a tribe, a club or an organization.

A fellow female who has been through similar situations to what you have been through thus empowering her to truly empathize, support and encourage you on your journey as you do the same for her. She gets it. There is no need to strain & explain to a true sistah.

Part of the grand sisterhood or sistahood.

True friend.

When I need her my sistah is there for me...sometimes I don't even have to tell her what's going on. My sistah just knows.
by LB Lacey December 3, 2005
Collective noun. The coolest group of Ravenclaw girls evah. Random, insane. Many are fangirls, others shake their heads at the madness. Also prone to fits of violence. However, always there for one another when the need arises.
I <3 my sistahs. :D
by Cele March 1, 2004
1. A gang of the toughest, fiercest girls you'll ever meet. They aways wield switchblades in their pocket and will cut you if you're not careful. Usuaully seen speaking in a thick dialect, a Switchblade Sistah is not to be messed with.

2. A fierce, tough female, with a lot of sass.
John: I was walking through 54th & Crenshaw and I was mugged.
Eric: Oh, you must've ran into a pack of Switchblade Sistahs. You better be careful next time.

Tina: Girl, you stabbed me in the back! I trusted you.
Joanne: Hun, I am a Switchblade sistah, what do you expect?
by haskova town December 3, 2010
Mookie: Yo Gilligan, how was your date with Sistah Blistah?

Gilligan: Sistah who??? . . . . Ow!
by michael michael motorcycle August 30, 2007
A strong black confident women,Who knows who she is without looking for an approval from others...

A naturally beautiful Sistah who doesn’t need any extra to enhance her beauty ...

A beautiful sistah who doesn’t use any Filters!!
Natural-sistah can be used as a nickname for a beautiful black woman !!!
A common word used to show love and unite between woman. Usually used in the Lesbian Circle as a hello or goodbye gesture. It labels that person as strictly a friend in a sisterly way..
Whats up Sistah Friend..Or
See ya later Sistah Friend
by Angel Wright July 11, 2008