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The coolest cinematic villain in existance, that is until the...what? Padme?

*dramatic pause*

Darth Vader is cool, but uh...just don't talk about Padme...
by Cheesebadger July 02, 2005

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Pure Evil Personified.
Do i really need to explain?
by Cheesebadger May 10, 2005

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The only game that will let you thrust your crotch in childrens faces, shortly after beating them to a pulp.
Jim: Hey are you playing Fable?

Joe: Yeah, after im done getting smashed and beating the everliving shit out of these kids.
by Cheesebadger February 28, 2005

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Something that is really great. Completely awesome.

Was Originally said by Tyres on Spaced.
Last Night was an A1, tip-top, clubbing, jam fair. It was a sandwich of fun, on ecstacy bread, wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge. It doesn't get much better than that. I just wish that I could control these FUCKING MOOD SWINGS!
by Cheesebadger February 28, 2005

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A Great man who was cheated out of doing his great show.
Well i would say watch G4Techtv, but they cancelled him...
by Cheesebadger January 05, 2005

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What you have to say after anything happens. Yes, anything.
Wanna go out for some sushi?

by Cheesebadger January 11, 2005

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It happens whenever something funny is presented, then wholly gobbled up by the media and public, excreted into senseless dreck, and then whatever originality and humor was left in the original source of material, has been thouroughly raped into bleeding submission.
Eg; whenever someone says "I'm Rick James B*tch", or anyone makes a quote from Napoleon Dynamite. Particularly "Gosh", or something along those lines.
by Cheesebadger March 15, 2005

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