2 definitions by Kevin C.

A hick.

Mullet wearing, rebel flag waving, pickup truck driving, no teeth having, bad hygiene practicing, trailer park living dirtass.
Trailer parks are filled with Dirtasses.
by Kevin C. November 14, 2003
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An Xbox game created by Peter Peter Molyneux. While the game did not live up to the unrealistic hype, it is still an amazing game.
PS2 Owner: I've never played the game, but I will go with what some biased website said and say it's bad! Plus it's on Xbox, so it = t3h suxxorz.
Gamecube Owner (Both of you): omg t3h h4 h4, w33 h4v3 t3h m4ri0 omg!
Xbox Owner: November 9th, you guys are all going down...
by Kevin C. September 29, 2004
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