The state of having screwed yourself in the ass.
I was enjoying regular bowel movements, but then I started fillling up with carrots instead of eating bran cupcakes in the morning, and it was a real case of exacerbation.

Why can't Priscilla sit down?
He's all exacerbated.
by skeptical hippo July 17, 2010
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It means to make things worse.
"There's hundreds of Zombies outside, and they're really going to exacerbate things."
by Thegreatnick April 13, 2005
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To make an existing situation much worse than before
Faux News only helps to exacerbate the electorates intelligence level.
by DMg_Halt September 23, 2017
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To masturbate furiously, and to the point of utter exhaustion
Last night, I went home, and exacerbated for literally 3 hours...I've never slept better
She's so hot. You don't know how many times I've exacerbated while thinking about her
by jmag123 January 13, 2009
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To make worse or to worsen; opposite of helping
Jimmy's attempts to gain recongnition inhigh school only exacerbated his already troublesome identity crisis.
by Mac11 October 07, 2004
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