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To dissassociate with or to deny association with person or thing
Sam was on trial for manslaughter, but repudiated toward every accusation and testimony given.
by Mac11 October 07, 2004
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God's worst screwup, made to teach brothers how unattractive and morally wrong the opposite sex really is.
My sister just PMSed all over me, in every way possible.
by Mac11 October 05, 2004
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The abbreviation for California State University, Northridge, located in Northridge, CA.
We are headed to CSUN for our MATH 103 class.
by Mac11 January 16, 2007
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1. The act of freeing oneself from the custody of his/her parents or legal guardian and, thus, making the transition to most aspects of adult life.
2. To be relieved of overlying control
3. What would occur if a minor were to get married, join the armed forces or military, or if the minor went to court and got approval to be emancipated
Ryan got married at a ripe age of 16, but forgot that he had become emancipated from his parents as his pleads for them to support the marriage financially were utterly rejected.
by Mac11 October 05, 2004
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To make worse or to worsen; opposite of helping
Jimmy's attempts to gain recongnition inhigh school only exacerbated his already troublesome identity crisis.
by Mac11 October 07, 2004
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Yo mom who'd do anything fo ya!
My mamma just gave me a pimp car, a huge fucking house, and a sick job-without me even askin her!
by Mac11 December 02, 2004
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