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The act of leaving your mark or tag within the female reproductive system by use of either a pen, paint or tattoo pen.
"Hey mate, let's go pussy tagging."
"Yeah! I got my permenant marker. It's a bit wet, but it'll do."
by Thegreatnick April 13, 2005
Stands for

Useful for many things, like working out angles, extracting the best time to enter into a conversation, and, if you can fly, plotting your trajectory to work.
Look around you.
Look around you.
Just, look around you.
Can you tell what we're looking for yet?
That's right, Maths.
by Thegreatnick March 16, 2005
The kind of date you take someone on if you're not sure if you want to nail them or not. It's well known that erotic passions are inflamed by mocha.
An analogy of this would be that coffee dates are to real dates what seeing each other is to actually going out.
"What's happening with Jess and Jeff?"
"They're on a coffee date"
"Say no more."
by Thegreatnick February 9, 2007
The name of the Ledgendery Dark Knight (Or at least the first. All those who have completed DMC on hard know what I'm talking about)
Sparda was orginally a baddy working for the evil overlord of the underworld, mundus, until Mundus started to invade the human world. Thus, Sparda took pity on the human for thier breif transeint lives, and so rebelled against Mundus.
Big surprise, he won. Yet he disappeared from earth, but not before leaving his son (Dante) upon the earth to help save it every 2,000 years when Mundus would rise again.
Also the name of an amaaaaazing sword that Mr dumbass Dante left in the underworld for no good reason, yet Trish still gets at the end of the game. (Trish = Dante's mum, or so it would seem. I can't be bothered to get into the long storyline bit here).
Hey, Mundus is here, Looking for a Mister Sparda. Anyone?

1) Hey, I just made Sparda from toilet paper rolls and PVA glue
2) GASP!
by Thegreatnick January 17, 2005
Genuine People Personalities.
Invented and Endorsed by the Siruis cybernetic corporation, who were first against the wall when the revolution came about.
by Thegreatnick March 16, 2005
On newgrounds.com, there used to be flash shooters. And then Combat Instinct 1 came along. Although simple nowadays back then it had a huge impact.
Later, Combat Instinct 2 came along, and was instantly at number one, and remaning there for several weeks. People noted it for it's (then) amazing graphics, and new gameplay.
Finally combat instinct 3 came, and was one of the best games in the history of newgrounds. The level of functionality and playabilty were on par with multi-million commercial first person shooters.
McFretN made these games, and they revolutionised the Flash Portal. But now everyone has forgotten him, and this is my tribute to him. I love you.
"Is McFretn is the best flash programmer out there?"
"If fire hot?"
by Thegreatnick August 30, 2006
It means to make things worse.
"There's hundreds of Zombies outside, and they're really going to exacerbate things."
by Thegreatnick April 13, 2005