17 definitions by Thegreatnick

Genuine People Personalities.
Invented and Endorsed by the Siruis cybernetic corporation, who were first against the wall when the revolution came about.
by Thegreatnick March 16, 2005
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Singing "You're Beautiful" quietly in an ear in order to score with a girl.
"Dude, How did Partario score?"
"He's got James Blunt Syndrome"
by Thegreatnick April 05, 2006
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One of, no, The best game ever to be made by anyone ever, in the whole history of time, space, the universe and everything. A subtle blend of mass violence and story. Mostly random violence.
Also known as DMC, Capcom's finest hour, or HAIL!!!
A) Hey, Devil may cry sucks
B) You sargasso! *Cuts head off*

Devil may cry 3 will re-rock the world in the same way DMC 1 did, but not DMC2.
by Thegreatnick January 15, 2005
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One who loves the cock everywhere, everytime, everyway.
Will often get paid for such services.
"What about her?"
"Oooh, Cockicidal Maniac. Legend has it that she starred in the first intteracial porn loop."
by Thegreatnick April 29, 2005
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The kind of date you take someone on if you're not sure if you want to nail them or not. It's well known that erotic passions are inflamed by mocha.
An analogy of this would be that coffee dates are to real dates what seeing each other is to actually going out.
"What's happening with Jess and Jeff?"
"They're on a coffee date"
"Say no more."
by Thegreatnick February 09, 2007
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You gain an item, (11) Crazy bas*ard sword.
That's ridiculous, that's not even funny.
by Thegreatnick January 16, 2005
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When you need to go somewhere for whatever reason, and you don't want to be there on your own, so you get a few (or one) of your friends to come with you so it looks like you have friends.
Hey man, I need to go to the bowling alley, can you be my backing?
by Thegreatnick July 25, 2006
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