Means the same thing as exasperate, but sounds more like masturbate and is therefore funnier, and funner to say. Its like im getting away with something dirty, like everytime I go to the restaurant Fudrucker's.
fudrucker's exacerbates puerile wit.
by darius sunofovich January 05, 2005
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To excessively masturbate.
Eric: "Get out of my room, I'm masturbating."
Ian: "Alright, just don't exacerbate."
by electricfeel October 14, 2009
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The state of having screwed yourself in the ass.
I was enjoying regular bowel movements, but then I started fillling up with carrots instead of eating bran cupcakes in the morning, and it was a real case of exacerbation.

Why can't Priscilla sit down?
He's all exacerbated.
by skeptical hippo July 17, 2010
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Masterbating with your ex...sometimes as a favor to get something out of getting a ride from the airport. Pronounced Ex-ass-'er-bating.
She wanted a ride from the airport, but he told her that he expected her to get their exacerbation on. She agreed that they would be exacerbating if he helped her both ways.
by Ex Master of the Debation November 10, 2010
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Making a current undesirable situation much more worse, especially if the situation could have been easily avoidable.
Tim's doctor said that he had already developed lung cancer, but Tim still decided to smoke, therefore further exacerbating his condition.

Sam knew he was struggling with porn addiction, but he was also very lonely. His loneliness further exacerbated his addiction.
by Obv troll is obvious January 21, 2021
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