A hideous, excruciating, horrible disease that an unlucky 20% of smokers will contract in their lifetime. Inability to breathe, vomiting, and having to use a bedpan are symptoms in later stages
by waspcoloredstain September 16, 2013
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A disease that is easy to recover from, but tends to have lasting side effects. Some of the negative effects of TLC can include a painfully large inflation of the ego (which can be cured by large doses of humility). Also, TLC tends to cause allergies to losing. (which can result in anaphylaxis)
Sally: *coughcoughEGOcoughcough*
Bob: My ego is hereditary.
Sally: No, I think you've just survived Tibetian Lung Cancer !!
by Willhemina April 26, 2009
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A disease affecting the anal lung canals, caused by someone sucking up to you too much
Wow man, your '85 Chevy Citation is the nicest car on the block! Do you think you could lend me 10 dawlers?
Quite blowing smoke up my ass, you're gonna give me anal lung cancer
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Joe how's that cotton candy flavored lung cancer?
Man this pod is so fucking good man, want a hit?
nah lung cancer ain't for me bro
by BeatMeatRepeat December 13, 2021
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Guy 1: Dude! I'm dying...
Guy 2: I don't care unless it's of something major
Guy 1: Dude! Lung Asthma Cance- *GASP!!!!!*-r
Guy 2: Is that even a thing?
Guy 1: *Currently twitching on the floor* ;-;
Guy 2: Should I cal 911? Oh wait...
Dude why are you gasping so much? You ok?

No... I have lung asthma cancer ;-;
by SexyAshienBoi January 17, 2018
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A machine that moves cigarettes:cigars from side to side of your moth while closing your nose as you never stop inhaling smoke. Form of execution.
Our state doesn’t do lethal injections, but we do Lung-Cancer-omatic.

That’s even worse
by The epitome of knowledge February 14, 2019
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Lunge cancer is the incapability to properly use linked swords and simply blaming the owner for having "trash swords" due to having no skill. Cry about it
Mykindagame has lunge cancer, he can't even kill Sinister with a simple linked sword.
by HolisticRevenant March 11, 2021
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