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When somebody in ur stats course falls asleep, you yell "MANOVA!!!!!!!!" at them to signal to the entire class that someone has fallen asleep. More often than not, the person who fell asleep will wake up with this dazed half-awake look on their face, and then panic when they realize the entire class is staring at them.
When I noticed that Carl had collapsed onto his desk, I Immediately yelled "MANOVA !!!!!!!!" to alert both the students and the professor so that they are aware of the situation at hand.

After a few seconds, Carl wakes up with this dazed look on his face, rubs his eyes, and then realizes everybody is staring at him.
by Obv troll is obvious March 10, 2021
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It's a frickin side dish u sickos
Waiter: What would you like to have with your rotisserie chicken, sir?
Me: I'll have some mashed potatoes and gravy
Waiter: Perfect! I'll just take your menu and it'll be ready in around 15 minutes
Me: Thanks
by Obv troll is obvious November 26, 2020
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My friend: Can you help me with this algebra question?
Me: No sorry I'm math-illiterate.
by Obv troll is obvious April 3, 2021
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Specifically In Mandarin Chinese, the word Anjing (安静) denotes the state of being calm/peaceful/placid/etc.

It is most often used in the phrase Anjing xia lai , which literally means to "calm down". Often used to tell someone to chill when they've lost their cool.
Kid 2: No!
Kid 2: No!!!
*Kid 1 & 2 fight*
Kid 3: Yo Anjing xia lai guys!!! It's just a toy, chill
by Obv troll is obvious February 23, 2021
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The swift act of switching from one app to another like some crazed madman on drugs. Often done to curb one's need to browse and check every single social media account (or news aggregator like Reddit) that they have.

The majority of Millennials and Gen Z have mastered the art of app parkour.
David Attenborough (narrator): In his natural habitat, the wild Gen Z is now engaging in his usual ritualistic behaviour that ecologists have now termed " app parkour ". Ecologists are still trying to find out the main reason behind this odd behavioural trait, and whether there is any evolutionary benefit to this adaption as opposed to checking one's smartphone only when necessary.
by Obv troll is obvious December 27, 2021
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To have one's dead body spam crouched by another player in any video game, especially online FPS games. Most commonly seen as an act to establish dominance, but mostly people just do it for fun.
Player 1: Camping at their base
Player 2: sneaks up behind him, kills him with a knife, then t-bags him
Player 2: *over the mic* Get t-bagged dawg
by Obv troll is obvious January 3, 2021
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When somebody on the internet starts trolling in a comment thread, it often elicits more people to come and troll (for the lulz). The larger the "troll train", the more trolls it will attract. This is known as the troll effect.
User 1: Wow! It's so nice to see another rover on mars!
User 2 (in reply to User 1): Bet they didn't tell you that the footage was all recorded in a studio!!
User 3 (in reply to User 2): Shhhh!! Brainwashed people are sensitive to these truths. Careful with what you say ;)
User 4: This is obviously all fake. I call BS.
User 5: You guys really believe that this is real? lmao
User 6: Can you trolls just shut the fuck up? You're only amplifying the troll effect.
by Obv troll is obvious March 18, 2021
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