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A phrase that is duly said right after somebody writes or says something incredibly foolish or ridiculous (i.e. full of bullshit).

See also: Bullshit detected
Twitter troll 1: Trump did a great job at handling the coronavirus


Twitter troll 2: The government is closing bars, restaurant, hockey tournaments, all for a miniscule virus? Wake up sheeple!

by Obv troll is obvious November 27, 2020
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A response used towards someone who undervalues a thing bestowed upon them. They obviously do not realize the value nor the perks of the thing.
Platonic boy friend: Merry Christmas!!! What did you get?
Platonic girl friend: I got a gift from my uncle, he got me these Sennheiser headphones, HD 660 S I believe
Platonic boy friend: WTF??? Wow I am jealous lol, that's a very luxurious headset. So do you like them??
Platonic girl friend: Eh it's okay
Platonic boy friend: ..... what you do mean it's okay?!? Do you not realize how blessed you are????
by Obv troll is obvious January 4, 2021
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Definition: someone who plows through their social media feed like some crazed madman.

This "species" can often be seen scrolling endlessly in their Instagram feed, spending no more than one second per post or story. For social speedsters, the act of sending a snap is no more than a 5 second ritualized process. Upon impulse, they whip their phone out of their pockets, instantly jump into snapchat, and without preparation, posts a selfie. And remember this is all within 5 seconds.

But the most characterizing feature that distinguishes social speedsters from regular folks is their expressionless faces when browsing emotion-inducing posts. You'd expect laughter from funny memes or a "wtffff" from controversial/disgusting posts, but nope. Just a deadpan reaction.

Some scholars suggest that social speedsters are more often than not desensitized by all the content (noise) they consume, hence leading them to form an indifferent attitude. Ultimately, the dopamine-rewarding nature of social media is what drives the insanely rapid browsing.

The current largest demographic of social speedsters are: Gen Z, Millennials.
To see an example, attend any college (post-COVID obv). You will be able to witness social speedsters and their smartphone-wielding dexterity in the flesh. Heck, you may even be one!
by Obv troll is obvious December 27, 2021
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The incorrect spelling of the word "bulk". Often done unknowingly.
Customer: Hi, what's the bluk price of these burger patties?
Business: Do you mean bulk?
by Obv troll is obvious March 19, 2021
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The wrong way to do it, if you pour milk first you're wrong because scientologists brainwashed you to think that.
babysitter: are you going to make your breakfast?
child: yeah, and i'm gonna pour the milk first -
babysitter: *dialing 911 and the FBI* HELP ME!!! SOME DEMON CHILD IS POURING THE MILK FIRST!!!

Feds: FBI open up!
by Obv troll is obvious January 18, 2021
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It's the E number for Monosodium Glutamate (aka MSG).

The furry imageboard with the same name most likely named itself E621 to address how 'tasty' their content is.

Funnily enough, there's a forum named E926 (the E number for bleach) that exists as an eye-bleach after one views the 'tasty' content of E621.
Person 1: E621 is love, E621 is life

Person 2: Ew, miss me with that furry shit
by Obv troll is obvious March 23, 2021
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A brand of car that is only famous in Europe (and China), and rightfully so, as it would never fare well with any of the famous car brands.

Cars made by citroen do not really have any outstanding feature. They all look rather uninspired, and they lack all the amazing innovative smart features that comes with cars these days. In fact, I don't believe citroen has recently made any 'new' models, at least none that has been able to capture the public's attention.

The only reason for someone to buy a citroen if it's good for the price, otherwise one should invest their hard earned cash for a more familiar car brand. Citroen cars only seem fashionable as a service car (e.g. Taxi cabs, police cars, racing car, etc.), not so much as a personal luxury.
Me, standing beside my new Citroen: Hey! Guess what's new about me
My friend: Umm, you got a new haircut?
Me: Nope!

My friend: Uhh, you finally shaved?
Me: Glad you noticed but nope!

My friend: Ummm, you got yourself a date?
Me: Not even close!
My friend: Okay, so what IS new then?
Me: I got a new car!
My friend: Oh.
Me: It's a Citroen!
My friend: Oh...
by Obv troll is obvious October 11, 2020
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