An electronic invitation. Much more likely to get you RSVP's than a snail mail invite. Offered by numerous online services.
"Did you just get the evite for Bill's costumer party? Who the hell is going to this thing anyway?"
by Pepperman September 30, 2005
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Able to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; Uncertain; Unnecessary; Not necessarily sure to occur, happen, or come; Alterable.
The evitable result of life is death. Assuming you are immortal.
by Cody Schatzle October 2, 2007
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High School In Mesa, Arizona with advanced classes including microsoft certified classes and culinary arts.
I'm taking a summer session there, learning Adobe Illustrator, Then Photoshop, Then Flash MX, Then Dreamweaver. I think i will win!
by BObo D. HObo July 10, 2004
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opposite of inevitability; quality of not just having to happen
Now that her campaign has recognized the evitability of her campaign success, they are having to make a lot of changes
by Una Malachica February 25, 2008
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East Valley Institute of Technology, is a place that doesn't value technology. Rather nursing and building a fake hospital of taxpayer money illegally. The board members, have boards in their heads. Never stepping foot on campus, have zero idea what really goes on in the classrooms. The arm chair spreadsheets warriors really want to keep Arizona at 47th one of the least educated states in America. The out of touch boomers who run this place (at the top) will hire anyone, keep the pay low, and make sure to never replace the original carpet. Their is totally not fraud and embezzlement everywhere.
EVIT is that school that builds a 2 million dollar football stadium and fires 30 teachers, and then gets caught stealing millions.
by EVIT July 25, 2022
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An electronic invitation
I just received my evitation to the party.
by Zaalka March 18, 2009
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Analyzing an evite. Despite evites' air of informality, they are often carefully constructed by party planners and thus can be rich with meaning. Nevertheless, it is easy to overthink an evite, whether by incorrectly ascribing intentionality to hastily written remarks, attempting to divine patterns from the ebb & flow of responses, or forgetting to ask yourself the simple question, "Will I have fun?"
No response prompts more evite exegesis than "+ 1 guest."
by PBMax June 13, 2008
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