49 definitions by BObo D. HObo

Crimper for the little pluggy for Cat5e and Phone plates
Frog: Get me the Puncher Downer thing!
snake: wanna drink?
frog: sure.
by BObo D. HObo July 29, 2004
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A CheAp internet service provider. 9.95 A month for standard dial up service, 14.95 For high speed dial(does not affect download er ne thing)
Netzero is sooo nice, a nice cheap internet....NO! Net zero has a catch, spy and adware come with the pooled ads also do some programs involving messing up your browser. In Old versions of netzero you could not run a full screen game, Then they realized you won't see what is happening.
by BObo D. HObo July 22, 2004
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newgrounds.com is a website where any user may view shockwave games and animations.

Registered users may write reviews based on Sound, graphics, overall...etc, on a
1-10, the review also includes a comment. Registered users may also submit flash videos.

Flash Videos rated below 1 for too long are blammed (also see: blam), Highly Viewed Movies may get spotlights, newgrounds also features free music, sound effects, tutorial and 'The Newgrounds Pre-loader'. Users may submit their own content (including sounds and music) but the content must be their work, and not stolen.
I once submitted my 1st flash there, blammed in 5 minutes
by BObo D. HObo July 25, 2004
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To Cause error or an error
1) We are so screwed, the MIT found our proxy

2) You screwed it up, moron
by BObo D. HObo July 24, 2004
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1- to mean something with intent

2- Homestarrunners' SAying, also on bumber sticker, i really reccomend you check out the Strongbad Sings though (now has a great discount price!)
1- ''put it back, stoopid kris!''

2- Seriously, guys.
by BObo D. HObo July 29, 2004
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What BObo D. HObo says when he does extreme in games!
Soldier:wtf, u h4xor! eyem mad! asdf
BObo D. HObo:sha! eat it!
Soldier:you gay n00b
BObo D. HObo:wtf?! i just killed you 6x in a row!
Soldier:So im never gonna register soldat even though i werk @ McDonalds and live wif my mom
BObo D. HObo:..
BObo D. HObo:uh, i just knifed you!
Soldier:yeah well i know a glitch
BObo D. HObo:u do it wrong, don't throw grenades @ yer face....
BObo D. HObo:er- u spelled it-
Soldier:Shutup i can kill u in Unreal..
BObo D. HObo: You just walked off a cliff :|
Soldier:you just wish you could do it-
BObo D. HObo: You crap head, silly goose i just yoinked yer flag :)
Soldier: Yeah well...
BObo D. HObo: cap! sha!
by BObo D. HObo April 28, 2004
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Also see:
distracted: Honestplayer5 just kicked playerones' arse

Ignores gameplay: whoa, pwneded! look at he death console!
by BObo D. HObo August 02, 2004
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