45 definitions by Una Malachica

I use the Daily Show as a slinter so I don't have to actually read the newspaper
by Una Malachica March 30, 2008
to hand something over to somebody without giving up emotional attachment to the object
He turned over the chairmanship but continued to give counsel--unwanted counsel. He had relinquished the post then immediately linquished it right back.
by Una Malachica May 13, 2008
a really old person that can do something really new
My grandma is a geriatrigy--she's on facebook and she tweets several times a day.
by Una Malachica May 14, 2009
avoidance of overly dramatic movies or tv shows that feature complicated domestic plots
Crankshaft refused to watch soap operas on the basis that he was lachrymose intolerant.
by Una Malachica November 23, 2008
an Obama supporter older than 21 (souce: Slate)
College kids like Obama, and so do baractogenerians.
by Una Malachica February 15, 2008
the ability of a mother to hear what her children are up to even when they are very quiet about it and are in the next room.
Of course, I can hear you, I have mother's ear. Also see husband's ear.
by Una Malachica February 14, 2008