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Everclearing is a form of hazing in which the pledge has a bread roll thats been soaked in everclear shoved in their mouth and held for as long as possible without spitting it out.
Out of 5 pledges the 3 that hold it longest win the event.

Hard Mode: duct tape wrapped around mouth over the back of head. and given a fork to cut it off. This can result in death. No known deaths to date.

Everclearing is rarely used anymore since victims of it became leaders of frats and banned it, So once the upperclassmen 2008-09 that hazed pledges this way graduated, it came to a halt.

Stories of everclearing do fly around, but who knows how much truth there is to them.
"Everclearing is now banned. If anyone is to use Everclear for any form of hazing ever they are put to a vote if we will remove you from the frat or not." - Xyz
by Believe in your smelf August 13, 2012
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