*wifi keeps disconnecting*
john: this is so essie
by onlyfactshere123 May 29, 2019
Person 1: Check out that hot chick!
Person 2: Yes, particularly Essy!
by Thornographic May 30, 2008
Something essy is something that is cringey, somewhat gross, weird, odd, or stinky. Sometimes all of those things at the same time. The word is derived from "stinky", which was modified to "stink-e", then shortened to "s.e" and finally "essy". Someone who is "extra essy" might be called the "Mayor of EssyVille".
1) The burrito at Chipotle was kinda gross, it was so essy.
2) John: I've been wearing these socks for three days...

Macy: eww... that's so essy!
by BigTrollHunter November 21, 2019
Describes a vexing attitude. As many male Homosexuals enunciate the hard "S" sounds in words; To be Essy is to say Pissy without the "P" but with the fabulous flare that only male gay men do.
Ugh I am just so essy right now. I mean. Hello! we were next in line!
by -Roach- November 21, 2017
one hot bitch! sexy legs, bangin smile and athletic! bitch can fuck hard too!
boy 1: heey do you se that chick over there?
boy 2: yeah hot ay?
boy 1: haard her name must be essy
by SkaaxDelaxx November 16, 2010
1) The most amazing Lesbian in the whole world.
2) A sexual beast who does nothing but attract other straight or bisexual woman who want to lay with her.
3) Portugese bombshell
1) Damn, that Essi is the most amazing lesbian in the world.
2) Wow, that girl pulled an Essi.
3) Girl: "You ain't nothin like that damn Essi"
Girl's Boyfriend: "Wut!?!?"
by Devin April 18, 2005