a fine ass tall chick with nice legs.
Ciara is one that can be refferred to as having sexy legs.
by dee block March 10, 2008
A robotic device used to walk on water on Naval Play

Sexy legs are like Jesus
Only Jesus is less props
A: Dude, the rig is overrun with sexy legs
by AltairPT May 17, 2010
When someone has kinda good legs but not really
Jessica: how do I look?
Tumblrina: you have sexy grandad legs.
Jessica: what?
Tumblrina:I said you have sexy grandad legs you idiot.
Jessica: what does that mean?
Tumblrina: ssssssssssssshhhhhh
Jessica: o..ok
by A horrible human May 4, 2018
A psychological disorder which involves one person unable to control their hands while there are another person's sexy legs in the near vicinity
Restless Hands on Sexy Legs Syndrome occurs when guy can't keep his hands off of a girl's sexy legs
by Uncle Hiro July 29, 2013
A number that is so sexy ngl.
Her: *walks in*
Jay: “Damn bro that’s some sexy legs 11
by SunglassesAsses October 7, 2021