A well known ship name constantly circulating around the internet consisting of One Direction band mates, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The ship started to sail in early 2010/2011 when the band was formed on The X Factor. When they were put through as a band, Louis proceeded to jump into Harry's arms. Now as we are 4 years into the still ongoing romance, Larry is still going strong and us Larry Shippers have a duty to let unknowing beings such as yourselves, know what the most amazing love story of the 21st century is. No disrespect, just stating what's known as the truth.
Larry Stylinson is a romance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
Larry Shipper: Louis and Harry are so in love. I've never seen someone look at someone else with so much compassion and love.
Elounor Shipper: I don't understand why you freaks think Louis and Harry are together... Lou and El have been together for 3 years.
Larry Shipper: I didn't want to have to get this way but, sweetie, Lou and Haz have been together for 4 and a half years. Thank you. *drops mic*
by larrysmunchkins March 9, 2015
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I could write a long description about what larry stylinson is. But basically it's just Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson together.
A: I ship Larry Stylinson, what about you?
B: Why do you ship people who are already together lol
by I ship you (with me) September 17, 2017
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A beautiful love shared by members of One Direction, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They have an unconditional love for each other. They look at each other as if no one else exists. They have millions of shippers, and is the no.1mship in the One Direction fandom!
Fan 1: Oh my god! So much Larry feels right now!
Fan 2: I know right, look at the way they look at the way they looked at each other...
Fan 1: Larry Stylinson is baeeeee
by tbhls2202 February 28, 2015
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A ship between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles of One Direction. Over 85% of the fandom ships it, and lets get something straight. Louis Tomlinson is not.
"You like One Direction?"
"Aren't they like...gay?"
"Obviously, Larry Stylinson is soooo real."
by phangarbageaf December 2, 2015
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All you need to know is that Larry is real. Louis' got the dagger. Green to my mother fucking blue. All the fucking love because Harry is always in Louis' fucking big arse heart.
Louis: Larry Stylinson is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard.

Niall: lARry STyLinSoN iS ThE BigGEsT loaD oF BuLlShiT I'vE EvER HeArD. I ship mother fucking bullshit then. *agresively stands up, throws an empty water bottle at Harry because he can, walks towards a corner, starts reading hardcore Larry smut*


The end
by Give us a cuppa mate June 2, 2017
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Larry Stylinson is real period.
Person: Larry stylinson isn’t real.
Me: *throws them off a cliff*
by larry’s child February 27, 2020
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REAL LOVE between Louis and Harry Tomlinson. Ps: Louis Tops
"I'd marry you Harry"
"My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson. It's mutual, we've discussed it"
"Fans call me and Louis Larry Stylinson because we get on very well"
by Paula Stylinson December 7, 2014
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