knowing alot of shit in one subject. well-learned
The hooker was erudite in subjects such as sex and drugs.
by rebecca July 9, 2004
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adjective- kick-ass. Being very awesome.
Your paper was thoughtful, well-written, and erudite in its ending.
by jmoney April 12, 2004
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The infantry that is apart of the Master Mango's army characterized by having great knowledge and insight.

They go about the world with the Erudite Military keeping the world protected from stupid people, stupid things, and everything that is stupid. Elminating them, rehabilitation some of them, and saving the world from all stupidity
Guy 1: So I was thinking about going to oversea's places like canada

Guy 2: Are you sure about what you just said?

Guy 1: Yeah why wouldn't I be?

*Gun shot*
*Guy 1 lieing on ground with brain matter leaking out*

Guy 2: Well he shouldn't of been so sure of his statement. One of the Erudite Infantry's Snipers must of gotten him.
by Mangocruz May 11, 2010
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The act of effectively undescending both testicles thus removing them from the scrotum and pushing them back up into the groin area. When the shaft of the penis is then pulled down, the result resembles a wise and sleeping elephant.
Whenever I feel sad and alone, I bust out an Erudite Sleeping Elephant, aka an ESE. The profound knowledge of my humble and wise friend gives me solace.
by Frank-Dubb November 2, 2007
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Erudition same form of toxin, that increases blood pressure and stimulates the growth of male genitalia.
Erudition often used to stimulate and increase growth of male genitalia is also know to cause apoplexy when consumed in

high doses.
by Zenso December 16, 2018
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