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Dick Of Unusual Size. An adaptation from the popular film and novel The Princess Bride where the acronym R.O.U.S. represents Rodents of Unusual Size.
Ozone: Turbo, why did you just fall down?
Turbo: Sorry Ozone, I just tripped on my D.O.U.S.
Ozone: Yeah, that thing is no good, my mom has also been complaining about the negative side effects of your D.O.U.S.
by Frank-Dubb December 3, 2006
The act of effectively undescending both testicles thus removing them from the scrotum and pushing them back up into the groin area. When the shaft of the penis is then pulled down, the result resembles a wise and sleeping elephant.
Whenever I feel sad and alone, I bust out an Erudite Sleeping Elephant, aka an ESE. The profound knowledge of my humble and wise friend gives me solace.
by Frank-Dubb November 2, 2007