A very white, yet large, penis
Girl 1) "He's so white and gross"

Girl 2) "Yeah, I know, but i heard he has a polish sausage."

Girl 1) "That's so hot."
by PrettyStonePark November 21, 2015
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The organ of a man of polish descent.
I cannot believe Pelky whipped out his polish sausage while dancing on the table during grad week.
by Woodman January 4, 2005
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1) a delectable treat.

2) a snack similar to a hot dog.
Girl 1) I heard you had some polish sausage.

Girl 2) yeah it was awesome!
by thepole15 March 12, 2014
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An offensive name for someone of polish decent. commenly used for a man
Your accent makes you sound like a polish sausage
by lokiu April 27, 2009
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Hiring a hooker to intwine ur raging boner within her nappy black hair until i resieves coat of hairspray that gives it a shiny glossy look
u know those polished sausages at costco ya that
by vendetta25 January 7, 2012
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A game in which hucksters play in order to anally rape an individual. Usually associated with pick up sticks.
In the middle of pick up sticks Andy switches to hide the polish sausage.
by morderstwoWH0 October 11, 2023
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A bizarre and likely theoretical sexual position in which a woman makes love to a man with a two pronged strap on intended to provide double penetration to a woman. Both of the prongs are flexed enough to be forced into the ass of the man.
It was a crazy night, she pulled out her devise and tried a reverse polish sausage but I was not having it.
by mechanicalgoat October 5, 2009
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