n. A public building that deals with a community's mail. Oh wow, go figure.
I went to my P.O. Box in the post office.
And oh, I didn't recieve any little men in the mail today!
by cranrad August 30, 2005
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Term describing a room, bar, club etc:, that has all men in it.

A room full of men.
1. I went to the bar down the street to try to hook up, but it was a post office so I left.
2. This club is a post office, lets split.
by randy December 14, 2004
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a room filled with all men, (all male).

also see sausage factory.
This bar is a post office, lets split.
by randy December 14, 2004
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The act of putting a package with a box (i.e. sex)
You can't post office inside of a post office. That's just nasty.
by *subject name here* January 30, 2008
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An urgent instant message that takes so long to be responded to that it would be more time efficient to send a response through the post office. More often than not this occurs when the receiving party is actively participating in another activity.
Post Office IM Conversation:
Sender: Hey can you pick me up in the morning and take me to work?
... (30 minutes later) ...
Receiver: Sure!
by Gray84 October 3, 2009
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An unusual sex act developed in the late seventies. It involves a man wearing a white sheet to make him resemble a ghost. He then has sex with a woman. Ideally, the sex will take place in an actual post office. As he climaxes, he cums into an envelope. He takes this envelope and and mails it to his sex partner's mother.
Mary and I did some freaky stuff last night, we even tried a Haunted Post Office.
by CzarIvan12 November 21, 2011
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