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When two men have pledged to marry one another.

Pronunciation key: extra emphasis is put on the word "gay" (i.e. en-GAY-ged).
Mark: Hey Brad, did you hear that Dillon and Bruce are moving to the Castro?

Brad: Yea man, didn't you know they were engayged?
by gekkotr November 25, 2010
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The status of a single-sex relationship you're entering if you intend to be in a garriage later on.
U: Did u know ? Mark and Steve got engayged !

Me: No way ! That's so cute. They make a perfect couple. But I heard Lisa and Wendy are also in a garriage soon to be...
by Robertsss February 27, 2012
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When gay people commit themselves to each other. Usually of short duration until a better opportunity comes along.
Joe: Hey Biff, did you here, those flamers Bruce and Brett are telling people they're Engayged.

Biff: That won't last, they're both a couple of homo-ho's.
by BigBlackBlick March 24, 2010
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