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Ok, Joe. Look here. We three rob that damned bank. Share for three? No thats bad. Kill the third.
Then, we kill another. And no need to share!
I will call it... Partnership
by LordCrimson December 21, 2008
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Sharing a bed with your brother when ur a kid cuz you're poor. Sharing a meal with your neighbor cuz you're poor... and let's be real, they are darn kind. Sharing a thought with your daughter because she needs your advice. Sharing a beer with your son cuz he needs it sometimes too. Sharing a conversation before college to decide a major or decide if somebody should screw off and leave that crap all together. Sharing your fear of your lawyer quitting on you during divorce proceedings in acceptable ways on Facebook or Insta or Twitter or goodness sakes YouTube if ur famous bc together we can change it for the best. Sharing a joke when your daughter falls in love with her 58?ish year old professor slash comic writer like 16 years after u supported her film school. Sorry dad. Sharing a laugh. He wasn't my professor. Sharing love and peace like civil human beings without something to prove... like in the way that you make known how love and peace are good. Like the best things ever. Partnership is not tearing any of these things down. It is truly golden.
I thought you were a douchebag but then I realized you knew what a partnership was.
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by KristenCallaway January 03, 2019
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A warm mood of, or character of a person or the warmth of the belongings of a person.
A Partnership, was the heated house of Chris, that moment, in the day I saw first time his factory, but then he had dragged an ((I)), to his house!!!
He reached in house after, couldn,t, out the tiredness, turn on ,ever the cooler at all! Then therefore the house, has been kept closed hot.
by man!? April 09, 2017
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