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A person who boosts his own energy by taking energy from others by means of an argument, belittlement, criticism or other one-sided conversation.
My boss yelled at me for 15 minutes and now I feel like shit. He is such an energy vampire
by netteach March 14, 2003
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someone who steals or trys to bring down your positive energy.
That energy vampire is totally trying to stress me out today.
by TheWishingWell December 09, 2006
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An energy vampire or an energy sucker is a person who seems to suck (NOT as a metaphore but as a true action) the energy of other people. This means, he has this unusual ability to draw energy from the people around him.
If you know a person who is NEVER tired, always friendly and active, and after being in his presence for a few hours you feel unusually weak and have a will to get away from the person as soon as possible, than he can be called an energy vampire.
This guy, Joe, really is an energy vampire. In his presence, really soon we all were so tired and sleepy we couldn't stand on our feet, but he still kept dancing, lauging and drinking for hours, as if it was 10 in the morning and not 2:30 AM.
by Urban_Fellow June 24, 2006
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A person or couple that just sucks the energy out of a room or from a conversation.
You: Did you see Bob at the party yesterday?
Friend: Yes, I left exhausted. Please let me know if the future if he is going to be at one of your parties. He's such an energy vampire.
by manofwow March 09, 2010
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An energy vampire is an individual or a small group of like minded people who have the unique ability to suck the energy from the room.
Almost all people encounter energy vampires in their life but they are mistaken to be 'bitches' and 'dicks'.

Energy vampire numbers are often highest in the education system
Teacher 'stop talking and listen, listen good! You are all to stay behind after the bell so that we can catch up on the math work you all are failing'

student 1 'what a bitch!'

student 2 'my friend you are mistaken, mrs bellend is a textbook energy vampire
by SamHman February 03, 2010
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An individual toward whom New Agers or other Occultists harbour unidentifiable, negative feelings.
Mom's harshing my buzz. What an energy vampire!
by Pope Smot, BSC April 24, 2003
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