- noun

a person who is giving off negative vibes during an otherwise positive time

a pesimest trying to rain on one's parade

debbie downer
"that Ben guy was a real BRING DOWN. He just sat there like an idiot while I tried to get the party started."

"stop being a BRING DOWN and let's go!!! The bar is going to be crawling with cougars...and I know how much you like cougars!"
by steve ryanson May 2, 2009
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Movie with Queen Latifa and Steve Martin humping like gorillas and Queen Latifa beating the shit out of Steve Martin's ex-wife's sister.
by Ga January 8, 2005
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BRING rage DOWN rage THE rage HOUSE rage OF rageGOD rage BRING rage DOWN rage HOUSE rage OF rageGOD
“I hate god

“Then you want to bring down the house of god, yes?”
by can you feel my heart May 29, 2021
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The one guy you work with who only calls when he has a problem that he needs you to fix, usually immediately.
Derek: Hey man, ready to go grab some lunch?

Scott: Yeah, let's get outta h....aw shit, hold on, Captain Bring-Me-Down just alerted me....

Derek: FUCK!
by Jerky1037 March 22, 2008
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the person wants to have oral sex with who ever him/her is talking to.
it's getting steamy in here, i want to bring you down.
by katy-kat July 26, 2006
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A polite way to tell someone to shut the fuck up, without actually telling them to shut the fuck up.
Adam, stop bitching about your life. Bring ya tone down.
by KobeSkillz71 March 25, 2022
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Phrase used when someone is creating an unnecessary fuss over something trivial.

Emphasizes the eyebrows' fully arched position when exaggerating their outrage
Shelly: "My bill was overcharged $8.45! I need to be compensated for my pain and suffering or I will ask to see your manager!"

Emily: "Ok but I need you to bring your eyebrows down."
by just like honey September 23, 2020
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