when you’re laughing and forget the h, you loug
OMG! I started lauging in math!!! How embarrassing!!!!!
by fesssdfgrddchn October 13, 2017
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It is defined as laughing without the "edge"
Haha! You're joke is so lame but i have no idea why i cant stop lauging!
by OliverT April 25, 2007
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Excessive laughing, to crack up. Pronouced "lawje" (in a french accent).
That made me lauge!
I'm laugeing!
Random things made me lauge!
by laugeinggirl July 19, 2009
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a joint. Marijuana, or Weed rolled up in the form of a cigarette, but there's no smoke filter just a piece of paper in the shape of an S not to block the way of smoke, which makes it quite easy to pick out :)
"We were chilling on the beach wasted when Greg dropped in the idea of smoking another stick of them lauging cigarettes. - Noone really went against so we did so"
by Greg Goenczi August 29, 2007
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the fictional empire from unpublished book by the non-famous writer harvey oslo, that is located in modern day Norway. The rival nation to the Colian empire. There are so many secrets surrounding this land that completely unbelievable rumors are created every day. These rumors are almost always true.
1.The Grand Master of the Skygge Laug Resistance is Edward Noruega.
2. Did you know that in the Skygge Laug Resistance coins that are flipped always land on their edge?
by Da Spirit February 08, 2010
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A voilent cunt that can't control his rage because his dad beats him
Josh is so agressive what a lauge
by duke nuckems March 20, 2018
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