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Ok, ignorants, now that you have abused Zionism in every possible way, called us racist, evil, heretic, and every other thing from what is written in the so-called "Protocols of Zion's Elders", it's about time that you hear how we, Zionists, see ourselves.

1.The Zionist movement, when it was formed in the late 19th century was NOT a religious movement in any way. It was a modern, nationalistic movement, formed by Jewish doctors and professors from all over Europe, to discuss possible solutions to the problem of the Jewish nation (who were, undoubtedly, a nation, since they all shared the same culture, habits, religion and language throughout all of history, no matter where they lived), a nation, who did not have it's own land. Obviously, most of the Zionists believed that the Jews cannot have any other land than the land of Israel, which was, historically, the ORIGIN OF THE JEWISH NATION, and which the nation of Israel ruled for 1200 years, until 70 A.D. when they were banished from the land by the Romans.
2.The first Zionist HATED the stereotypical, orthodox Jew, who lived in Europe for 2000 years, doing nothing but studying religion and working in minor jobs all day and waiting for the come of the messiah, and who could do nothing to defend himself from the nations among which he lived, who slaughtered and massacred Jews whenever they felt like it. The first Zionists were Socialists, they believed that Jews who live in Israel must work in agriculture to rebuild a Jewish society, and most importantly, know how to defend themselves and fight for what they believe in, because Jews who cannot defend themselves are pathetic and encourage anti-Semites to do with them as they like.
3.A true Zionist believes in the God of Israel, but more than he believes in him, he believes in humans and free choice, and that nothing can be achieved without God's will. He also knows that Judaism is defined as "the religion of the Jews" and not the other way around. Accepting another religion does not turn a Jew non-Jewish. On the other hand, a person who accepts the Jewish religion is accepted into the Jewish nation.
4.A Zionist always remembers the Holocaust, and understands the there is NO country in the world where a Jew can truly be safe except Israel, the only country in the world where Jews are a majority.
"A Zionist uses Judaism and his/her goal in supporting Israel as an excuse to occupy, control, and subdue an entire group of people."
A Zionist does NOT use Judaism as an "excuse" to control Israel. A Zionist uses the Jewish history in Israel as a REASON why the land of Israel, historically, belongs to the Jews and not any other nation. Besides, why should we even have a reason for occupying Israel? We came, we occupied the country, we defeated everyone who tried to stop us from doing so.
"They believe the Jewish race is a superior race, and that every other race/people should serve them."
A Zionist DOES NOT believe that Jews are a race. He believes that Jews are a nation. The Nazis claimed that Jews are a race. And the Jews being a chosen nation? Nothing more than an ancient religious claim. Modern Zionists DO NOT believe in that. But they do believe that as a nation, the Jews have the right to rule THEIR OWN LAND.
"Israel is a Zionist State, in which people of Jewish roots are privilaged over everyone else"
Aren't Japanese privileged in Japan? Aren't Russians privileged in Russia? What right do you have to claim there is anything wrong with privileging members of our nation in our country?

by Urban_Fellow May 15, 2007
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The idea that Jews should rule the country of Israel.
An idea I don't understand why many people make a bid deal of, since it has already been accomplished long ago (in 1948, with the daclareation for formation of Israel).
-My opinion is that Zionism is a wrong idea.
-But the idea has already been accomplished! It useless to say that it's wrong now. That is just like publishing a book, and 10 years later regretting publishing it.
by Urban_Fellow November 28, 2006
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Ok, since there are too many here that only mention racist, opinionised and wrong events, I will explain it all free of opinion of any side. All that I write are historical facts.

Palestine was the name of the country between the Jordan river on the east, the Sinai desert on the south and the territory of Lebanon on the North. The name of the country came from the name of the ancient powerful nation that lived in it in the time of the Bible, Plishtim.
Through the history, the country was ruled by many differant empires troughout the ages like the Romans, the Bizanties, the Saracens, the Crusadersand, and the Ottoman empire. (and NOT just "ruled by Arabs for 1000 years" like some one before me said).
Until the year 1918, the country was ruled (for 400 years) by the Ottoman empire. In 1918, Britanny conquered Palestine and started ruling it as a Mandate (temporary government that is meant to prepare the land under its control for independant national government).
In the ending of the 19th century, the "Zionist organisation" was formed by European Jews, and, because of the wake of Jewish nationalism, started searching for territorial answers for "the problem of the Jews, a nation without a country". One of the answers was, very obviously, Palestine (also named Zion for Jerusalem), which Jews saw for centuries as their true land, where they were banished from, and dreamed of returning to. This started a great wave of immigration to Palestine, that increased troughout the beginning of the 20th century.

Unlike what someone here said, the Palastinians were NOT always a nation. In fact, for years in Palastine lived Arab peasants, almost all of them uneducated. They saw themselves as Arabs, muslims who lived in Palestine, and had no nationalistic identity.
If you want the truth, Palestini nationalism awakened only in the 1920's. This, is when more educated Palastini Arabs realised that the Jews are intending to take over Palestine (with the massive immigration and purchasing of land), and the Mufti (religious Muslim leader) Haj Amil el-Huseini decided to take action:
He declared that the Jews want to take over the el-Aktza mosque, immediatly gaining the support of Muslim countries and turning the nationalistic war into a religious war. That immediatly increased the anti-cemitism in Arab countries.

The nationalistic struggle increased towards the 40's, and keeps going until today. However, the wake of Palestini nationality happened too late- when they started real fighting, there were more Jews in Palestine than Arabs.

I would like to add another fact: In 1947, there was a vote in the UN, and it was declared officially that in Palestine two states would be formed: A Jewish country, and an Arab country. A year later, a Jewish county called Israel was formed. However, a Palastinian country was not formed UNTIL TODAY, in spite of the fact they were given many opportunities to do so.

Also, about the six-day war: it is a terrible rude lie to claim that Israel was losing. In fact, the war was so well planned, that in the first day of war all of the Egyptian and Yardeneese airforce was destroyed. Israel did not want to go to this war, but the Arab countries were gaining too much power and put Israel in danger. Israel also tried convincing Jordan not to join, but it refused, losing many territories. The six day war was a complete defeat to Syria, Egypt and Jordan, and the USA had nothing to do with it.
Egypt and Syria, however, took revenge for their loss in 67 six years later, when they attacked Israel in 73, causing Israel great loses in men and millitary power. However, even this war, Israel managed to win.

I am not trying to take either one's side, all I am saying are facts, and the fact is: The Jews rule Israel now, while the Palastinians can't do anything about it. Nothing at all. True, Israel does not do anything it can to help the Palastinians, but take into account again the fat that the Jews formed a country long ago, while the Palastinians didn't.
Is it because they can't? No. It is only because they don't want to.
American Arab-supporter: You stole your land of from the Palestinians!
Israeli: We did not STEAL it! Years ago, we purchased it from them fair and square.
Hey, didn't you steal your land from the Indians?
American Arab-supporter: ......

I wish that if one day, the country of Palestine will be formed, Jews and Arabs could live in peace again.
by Urban_Fellow June 30, 2006
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A nice alternative to asshole, when you want to say to someone that he is an asshole, but you don't want it to sound too rude or inapropriate.
-Johnny, you're an asshole.
-What! I'm an asshole?! Well, fuck you!

-Johnny, you're a butthole!
-I'm a WHAT?
-A butthole.
-Hehehe, I sure am, ain't I?
by Urban_Fellow June 02, 2007
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The truly ultimate responce to any kind of stupid or annoying "why" question, or simply to a question you cannot answer.
That answer will totally piss off annoying kids who ask too many questions.
See also: because you're gay.
Kid: Why did the dinosaurs die out?
Tour guide: Because you touch yourself at night.

Son: Why do you drink so much, dad?
Dad: Because you touch yourself at night!

Little brother: Why don't you ever let me into your room?
Big brother: Because you touch yourself at night, you little brat!
by Urban_Fellow June 24, 2006
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What Democracy turns into when all of the politicians in your country are liars.

When no party/President that wins the election manages to keep its/his own ideology, and instead, keeps changing it every time it/he feels like it, that's no democracy. That's hypocracy.
by Urban_Fellow October 19, 2007
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A satanic race of pure evil, who rule the Internet through a Monarchistic feudelic system.
On that system of reigning, on the head stands the Head Admin. Underneath him there are the Secondary Admins.
Loyal to them, and lower in the ladder are the Moderators.
Underneath the Moderators are the Sub-Moderators, who have to do all the dirty field-work.
In the bottom of the Internet system there are the members or users. They hardly have any rights and are often oppressed by those of a higher social class, and must obey the Moderators and Admins.
Disobeyance of their orders will result for the members in a ban, and even in IP ban from the system.
We, the members, really need a revoltion that will rid us of the evil reign of Admins, and bring Democracy to the Internet.
by Urban_Fellow July 16, 2006
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