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A five minute-long song in which 2pac explains that he has no motherfucking friends, so that is why he fucked your bitch, how much he owns this whole fuckin' place, how all you motherfuckers can suck his dick, and he would gladly west-side fuck your momma, and you little fucker better shut the fuck up, before things get really fucked-up, and he will beat the fuck out of your little ass, get it?
You should listen to "Hit Em Up" and count how many times he uses the word "fuck" in it. ;)
by Urban_Fellow September 19, 2006
-14 o'clock! Time for my tea break.
-Tea? Again? Are you having the London syndrome or something?
-Hey, my green tea won't drink itself, you know!

-I woke up in the middle of the night from strange noises in the living room. I looked to my right, but my husband wasn't in bed. So I got up, and very quietly sneaked out, and into the living room.
There, in the candle light, he was sitting. All alone. Drinking his damn Earl Gray! Boohoohoo...
-Enough, don't worry, honey, your husband is in good hands now.
by Urban_Fellow December 3, 2006
A nice alternative to asshole, when you want to say to someone that he is an asshole, but you don't want it to sound too rude or inapropriate.
-Johnny, you're an asshole.
-What! I'm an asshole?! Well, fuck you!

-Johnny, you're a butthole!
-I'm a WHAT?
-A butthole.
-Hehehe, I sure am, ain't I?
by Urban_Fellow June 2, 2007
A good American is "an American who knows what is good for him". Or in other words, a USA citizen who knows that he is stupid, his government is smart, and his government knows what is good for him.
A good American pays all the taxes.
A good American doesn't care that secret millitary experiments are being held a mile from his house.
A good American supports the war (no matter where it is being held).
A good American buys American cars.
Danny: Hey Johnny, you wanna join our demonstration against the war in Iraq?
Johnny: No, I am a good American.
by Urban_Fellow June 21, 2006
A satanic race of pure evil, who rule the Internet through a Monarchistic feudelic system.
On that system of reigning, on the head stands the Head Admin. Underneath him there are the Secondary Admins.
Loyal to them, and lower in the ladder are the Moderators.
Underneath the Moderators are the Sub-Moderators, who have to do all the dirty field-work.
In the bottom of the Internet system there are the members or users. They hardly have any rights and are often oppressed by those of a higher social class, and must obey the Moderators and Admins.
Disobeyance of their orders will result for the members in a ban, and even in IP ban from the system.
We, the members, really need a revoltion that will rid us of the evil reign of Admins, and bring Democracy to the Internet.
by Urban_Fellow July 16, 2006
One who makes friends with a guy only to get close to his (usually younger) hot sister.
I thought Kevin was my friend... But it turned out he just wanted my sister. What a shameless sister fucker!
by Urban_Fellow June 24, 2006
Invented with the creation and spread of Christianity, a heretic (in the middle-ages) is every one who did not accept or questioned the Catholic church or its laws. Unlike what the Church spread, Heretics were rarely Satanists or non-believers.
In fact, in many cases, they had a stronger and more realist belief in God than that of the Church followers. It is just that the Heretics believed the Church's ways were wrong and corrupted, and that is why they followed their own way.
Many great people through history were Heretics, and they were punished and executed by the Church.
by Urban_Fellow July 17, 2006